Silviu's Web Corner
Curriculum vitae
I am currently working as a senior scientist in the Department of Geospeleology and Karst Paleontology, at the "Emil Racovita" Institute of Speleology in Bucharest, Romania and I am leading the U-series Geochronology Laboratory.

My main reserch interests are:

Paleoclimate reconstruction based on cave deposits:
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spelothem dating (U-series, both TIMS and alpha spectrometry) and statistic interpretation;

calibration of Oxygen and Carbon isotopic profiles on speleothems.
Paleogeographic reconstructions and speleogenesis based   on speleothems and travertine datings;
reconstruction of Black Sea level changes during the last 700,000 years;

the evolution of the Danube Gorge during the Upper Pleistocene;

incision rates of some typical fluvio-karstic systems in the Carpathians.
Paleoecological reconstruction as derived from speleothems   Carbon record.
In addition to these, I am also interested in extending the U-series method of dating to non-carbonatic spelothems, such as those formed by gypsum or hematite as well as to bone and teeth remains.
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