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Date of Birth: April 14, 1964
Citizenship: Romanian
Family status: married, one daughter

Academic qualifications:

PhD in Geology (Bucharest University, Faculty of Geology and Geophisics)
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Silviu Constantin
Thesis title: "Quaternary paleoclimate evolutions based on speleothem studies from Banat and Mehedinti Mountains, Romania."
in Romanian, English abstract).
Award: magna cum laude
1997: Diploma in GIS (UNIGIS Network for Postgraduate Distance Learning in
           Geographical Information Systems)
1988: MSc in Geology (geologist engineer)
           (Bucharest University, Faculty of Biology, Geography and Geology)
Disertation's title: "Geologic and sedimentologic study of the Jurassic and Cretaceous deposits from Valea Mare - Padina Matei area (Moldova Noua, Romania), with special emphasis on coal-bearing Lower Jurassic strata and Cretaceous limestones."
in Romanian)

1994-2003: part-time PhD. student, Bucharest University, Faculty of Geology
                      and Geophisics; Dept. of Structural and Regional Geology.
1995-1997: Technical University of Construction, Bucharest; postgraduate
                      course in GIS (organized by UNIGIS Network -- Manchester,
                      Huddersfield and Salford - UK; Salzburg - Austria & Amsterdam -
                      The Netherlands).
1988:            "Karst Waters Chemistry" summer-course (3 weeks), with AG
                      Hoehle u. Karstforschung Grabenstetten e.V., Schelklingen,
1993-1988: Bucharest University, Faculty. of Biology, Geography and Geology,
                      Dept of Geological and Geophisical engineering
                      major in Geology of Petroleum and Sedimentary Deposits.
Appointments - Full Time:

since 1991:
assistant researcher / scientific researcher / senior scientist
"Emil Racovita" Institute of Speleology (Romanian
                      Academy), Dept. of Geospeleology and Karst Paleontology;
                      Bucharest, Romania
laboratory engineer and visiting researcher -- Bergen University,
                      Dept. of Geology
, U-series laboratory, Bergen, Norway.
geologist engineer -- State Company for Geological Prospection
                      and Exploration "Banatul" Caransebes
, MoldovaNoua, Romania.
Appointments - Part-Time:

since 2002: consultant and translator:
"National Geographic Romania".
1997-1998: database & IT consultant -- The EU Delegation in Bucharest.
1997-1998: lecturer -- The "Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi" College. Lectures
                      on Geography and Geology of Romania.

1996-1997: teaching assistant  -- The "Spiru Haret" University in Bucharest
                      Faculty of Geography; lectures and seminars on "Informatics in
1994-1995: teaching assistant  --
Bucharest University, Faculty of Geology
                      and Geophysics
; seminars on "Geology of Romania".
Other activities (in some cases including part-time jobs):

since 1992:
Editorial Secretary (1992-2001) and Managing Editor (since 2001)
                      of the "
Theoretical and Applied Karstology" journal (published by
                      The Romanian Academy).

since 1985: certified instructor of the Romanian School of Speleology;
                      discipline "Cave & Karst Survey and Mapping".

1984-1992: Associated Editor (1984-1989) and Managing Editor (1989-1992)
                      of the speleological magazine "
Editorial Secretary of the scientific journal "Buletin Speologic"
                      (published by the Romanian Federation for Alpinism & Tourism).
Norwegian (poor); German (fair); French (excellent) English (excellent); Romanian (native speaker).

Expeditions and karst regions visited:

Good knowledge of most karst regions of Romania.
Work and/or visits in caves and karst regions from
Bulgaria, Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, France, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Moldova, Iran, China, Ukraine.
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