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Zilhão, J., Trinkaus, E., Constantin, S., Milota, S., Gherase, M., Sarcina, L., Danciu, A.,  Rougier, H., Quilès, J., & Rodrigo, R. (in press) The Pe?tera cu Oase people, Europe’s earliest modern humans. In: Rethinking the Human Revolution: New Behavioural and Biological Perspectives on the Origins and Dispersal of Modern Humans. (P. Mellars, O. Bar-Yosef, C Stringer & K Boyle, Eds.), Cambridge, c. 28 p..

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Journal papers:

Rougier, H., Milota, S., Rodrigo, R., Gherase, M., Sarcina, L., Moldovan, O., Zilhao, J.,
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Quilès, J., Petrea, C., Moldovan, O., Zilhão, J., Rodrigo, R., Rougier, H.,
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, Lauritzen, S.-E., Stiuca, E. & Petculescu, A. (2001) Karst evolution in the Danube Gorge from U-series dating of a bear skull and calcite speleothems form Pestera de la Gura Ponicovei (Romania). Theor. Appl. Karstology, 13-14, pp. 39–50.

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& Constantinescu, T. (2001) La genèse et l’évolution des grandes dolines (obanes) de la zone karstique de Mangalia (Dobroudja du Sud, Roumanie). Theor. Appl. Karstology, 13-14, pp. 87–92.

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Conference papers and extended abstracts:
Chapters in Books:
Panaiotu, C.G., Horoi, V., Petrea, C., Constantin, S., & Panaiotu, C.E. (2006) Magnetic record of the isotope stage 3 in the Carpathian Mountains (Romania), Geophysical Research Abstracts, 8, 05167, SRef-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU06-A-05167, European Geosciences Union, Viena.

Constantin, S., Lauritzen, S.-E., & Lundberg, J. (2006) New data on the chronology of the Termination II and paleoclimate during MIS 5, based on the study of a stalagmite from Closani Cave (SW Romania). In: Archives of Climate Change in Karst (B.P. Onac, T. Tamas, S. Constantin & A. Persoiu, Eds.), Karst Waters Institute USA, Special Publication 10, pp 98-100.

Petrea, C., Panaiotu, C.E., Horoi, V., Panaiotu, C., &
Constantin, S. (2006) Preliminary climatic interpretation of sedimentologic and rockmagnetic data from the cave Pestera cu Oase (Southern Carpathians, Romania), In: Archives of Climate Change in Karst (B.P. Onac, T. Tamas, S. Constantin & A. Persoiu, Eds.), Karst Waters Institute USA, Special Publication 10, pp 153-156.

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., Bojar, A.-V., Lundberg, J., & Lauritzen, S.-E. (2003) Holocene rapid climatic oscillations in the sub-Mediterranean continental environment, recorded in a stalagmite from Poleva Cave (Southern Carpathians, Romania). In: Proc. Intl. Workshop "Cave Climate and Paleoclimate - Best Record of the Global Change", Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Sept. 2002, pp. 14-15.

Panaiotu, C., Panaiotu, C.-E., &
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Lascu, C.,
Constantin, S., & Lauritzen, S.-E. (2000) Black Sea level oscillations based on preliminary U-series datings of submerged speleothems from Pestera Piatra (Central Dobrogea, Romania). In: Proc. Joint Meeting "Friend of Karst" and "Theoretical and Applied Karstology", Cluj-Napoca (Onac, B., P & Tamas, T., Eds.),  Presa Univ. Clujeana, Cluj-Napoca, pp. 72–76.

Onac, B., P., Lauritzen, S.-E. &
Constantin, S. (1999) The paleoclimate recorded in a Late Glacial to Holocene stalagmite from Ursilor Cave (Romania): preliminary results. Proc. XVth INQUA Congress, Durban, august 1999.

Constantin, S. (1998) Speleological databases — A GIS Approach. In: Proc. 2nd Intl. Symp. on Karst Water Resources, Kermanshah, Iran, 1998.
Below you will find a selection of my papers -- some of them are available in PDF format: just click the corresponding icon(s) to download. Some of the papers were taking too much space on this server but feel free to ask me for pdfs/reprints.
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