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Curriculum Vitae
Projects & Research
Current projects:

Geochemical, mineralogical and palaeontological proxies form caves and karst deposits significant for climate and palaeogeographic evolutions. Research project financed by the Romanian Academy, 2006-2010. (PI)

Palaeoanthropological investigations of the Pestera cu Oase, Romania, NSF Grant #0409194 (to E. Trinkaus), 2004-2006.

Current grants:

I am working at two research grants:

Rapid climate oscillations recorded in karst deposits from Romania as revealed by isotopic and palaeomagnetic proxies, CEEX Grant 627/2005, (duration 2005-2008). (PI)

Study of rapid climate changes during the Late Pleistocene based on speleothems from caves from Southern and Western Carpathians: reference-profiles for the paleoclimate
. CNCSIS Grant 1258/2005, (duration 2005-2007) (PI)

Past grants and projects:

Evaluation of the mineralogy of some selected caves from the Southern Romania (the Southern Carpathians and Dobrogea) using modern crystalochemical and crystalographical analisis., CERES Grant 4-153/2004 (duration 2004-2006) (to G. Diaconu).

Ultra-rapid method for the determination of crystallizations in industrial glass aiming the quality control of the products
., CALIST Grant 5119/2004 (duration 2004-2006) (PI)

Study of the phosphate deposits from caves in Southern Carpathians. CERES Grant, no. 113/2001. (to  G. Diaconu).

Protection of bats and their undeground habitats from Southern Carpathians. LIFE Grant (LIFE00 NAT/RO/007187) (to C. Lascu)

"The study of Quaternary climate changes and the evolution of karst ares based on cave deposits financed by the Romanian Academy (duration 2001-2005). (PI)

U-series datings and isotopic analyses on submerged speleothems from Pestera Piatra (Southern Dobrogea, Romania). Implications for the reconstruction of the paleoclimate of Dobrogea and of Black Sea-level oscillations during the Quaternary." Grant no. 120/At/2001 (duration 2001-2002). (PI)

Rapid climatic oscillations in the Quaternary as revealed by speleothems from caves of SW Carpathians." Grant no. 5102/1999 (duration 1999-2000). (PI)

Past international projects:

Member of the Romanian committee of the
IGCP 448 Project ("World correlation on karst geology and its relevant ecosystems") lead by prof. Yuan Daoxian (China).

Member of
SPEP III (Speleothem Pole-Equator-Pole Transect III), a PAGES sub-project lead by prof. Stein-Erik Lauritzen (Bergen University, Norway).
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