Theoretical & Applied Karstology

XVIIIth International Symposium
Baile Herculane, Romania, May 24-28, 2002
"Babes-Bolyai" University in Cluj-Napoca
Outdoor Project SRL
SC Flasch SRL -- "Herculane" Mineral Water
TopoTrade SRL
B.D.G. Romania
The Mayoralty of Baile Herculane
About 45 participants, including 14 foreign specialists from 10 countries have attended the XVIIIth edition of the "Theoretical and Applied Karstology" symposium in Baile Herculane. This number could have been much higher if some of the colleagues that have sent us their "final" registrations wouldn't cancel their trip in the last minute...

On behalf of the Organizing Committee I would like to thank very much to all participants and apologise for any possible shortcomings in the organization.

The program and abstracts volume may be downloaded as a *.pdf file

Below, you will find some digital photographs taken during the symposium and the field trips. I will post more photographs within a couple of days, so please check this page again.
welcome cocktail (C.Goran, A.David and M.Erbajeva)
Welcome Cocktail
Opening meeting (S.Constantin, J.Gunn, I.Popovici and C.Goran) The group picture just after the opening
Welcome cocktail (S.Constantin, C.H. Kohler and A.Kranjc)
M.Erbajeva, J.Calic-Ljubojevic, C.H.Kohler, V.Horoi and A. Kranjc
Presentation of H.Karimi (Iran)
Keynote speech of V.Horoi
presentation of Topolnita long profile (C.Goran)
...about 2 a.m at night...
The Iranian Group (S. Sivak, M.Sadeghi, H.Karimi) and Marius Vlaicu Late-night meeting at "Vamos" small restaurant...
Herculane -- the town center
At the thermal springs below "Roman" Hotel
Watch your step! vipers are very common within Banat area...
Field trip on Cerna Valley -- at the dam lake
"The Nostrils" as seen from inside the cave (Shodol valley)
The closing banquet
Varful lui Stan (1466 m) -- photo taken during field trip 3
Sohodol Gorge
Marius, Jelena and Kyung Sik late night in Closani
Lunch in the field around Polovragi Gorge