Theoretical & Applied Karstology

August 2, 2001:

Other books we sell:

Piatra Altarului
a great picture book dedicated to a magnificent Romanian cave.

If the small picture on the right doesn't 'ring the bell' you may follow this link to see a full presentation of the book. 80 pages, 57 great photographs, USD 32,- (postage included). To order this book, email us.

Travaux de l'Institute de Speologie "Emile Racovitza"

Are you looking for past issues of "Travaux"? Email us ad we might be able to help. Since some of these issues are really rarities (e.g the first issues, published since 1926), prices may be highly variable.

November 13, 2001:

Last-minute information: the best album on the Romanian karst and caves came out.

The info below will be completed soon and the picture on the right will be also replaced by its color version. To read a first review on this book (pdf format), check the
TAK13-14 page (Under "Book Reviews").

Caves Beyond Time - by Cristian Lascu
an original picture-book dedicated to the Romanian karst

Edited by Group of Underwater and Speleological Exploration (GESS), Bucharest, 2001.
176 p, 155 color photographs, glossy paper, great quality, A4 format, hardcover.
ISBN: 973-85372-1-5.
English and Romanian versions available.
price: USD 35 (postage included). To order this book,
email us.